11 Dog breeds that don’t drool much

Drooling dog

It probably does not come as a surprise to you that dogs drool. At a higher or lower level, drooling is a part of all dogs’ nature. Whether it is because they are too hot, too anxious, too hungry or too tired, you will likely find that your dog slobbers at some point.

Drooling can be quite an issue for some people, who may prefer to have a dog breed that does not slobber a lot. So, as many dog breeds can be consistent droolers, it is good to understand that not all dog breeds drool a lot. There are several breeds that are known for drooling very little. And we will tell you all about them in this article! Do you want to know more about some of the cutest non-drooling dog breeds? Read along to find out more!


Why can drooling be something to consider when choosing a dog?

As we have mentioned above, not everyone is comfortable with slobbering. In this sense, having a dog breed that drools a lot may not be the preference of people who find this an issue to consider. But, what is it about drool that makes it an issue for some people? The fact is that dog drool can be uncomfortable, sticky and even trigger allergies.

In this sense, if you really dislike having drool all over you and all over your place, or if you or someone in your family has a tendency to display allergic reactions towards dogs, then you may definitely want to choose a dog breed that does not drool a lot.

Drooling is not something that can be corrected or stopped, as could happen with excessive barking, fence jumping or chewing. Slobbering is a natural and organic reaction of all dogs. Thus, if this is a problem for you, then knowing which dog breeds do not drool a lot is essential for you to make the right decision when choosing a canine buddy to share life with.


11 dog breeds that won’t drool a lot

As we have mentioned above, fortunately not all dog breeds drool to the same degree. While some dog breeds are real slobbers, as can be Bulldogs, Bernese Mountain dogs or some Mastiffs, there are others which drool very little.

Here we will introduce you to 11 amazing and gorgeous dog breeds that do not drool too much. Any of these canines can be a great choice for you if you are looking for a dog breed that will not be slobbering all around the place.



This sweet, energetic and joyful dog will not drool a lot. Moreover, they do not usually bark very loudly either, so if this is also important to you, then Basenji dogs can be a great choice. These amazing creatures have a lot of energy and love spending time playing and doing exercise. Note that it is important to give them the space and time to run around and stay active. Nevertheless, even if they are very hot or tired, you will find that the slobbering is minimal.



Border Collie

A very well-known and smart breed, Border Collies are also minimal droolers. These dogs are chosen by families all around the world because of their kindness, joyfulness, intelligence and loyalty. Keep in mind that they tend to be very energetic and active, and they will require exercise in order to ensure their health and wellbeing. As they are very smart, training them is easy and they are also fast learners, so any behavior that may need to be corrected can be done so in a very efficient way.

Border Collie



If you are into large dogs, then the Borzoi breed is a great choice. These amazing creatures that are minimal droolers can weigh up to 100 pounds. Regarding their personalities, Borzoi dogs are calm and chill, but they also require a proper amount of exercise to get their energy out. Thus, be sure to provide your Borzoi dog with time and space to run and play in order to ensure their health and wellbeing.




Opposite to the Borzoi dog that we described above, Chihuahuas</